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Contract Plant and Machinery

Does your business involve the following occupations? Crane Operations Earthmoving & Excavation Drilling & Boring Warehousing Operation If your answer is Yes, have you considered Read more

Contract Works Insurance

What is Contract Works Insurance? Contract Works Insurance insures the construction-related activities of a construction project into one packaged policy. It not only covers the Read more

Management Liability Insurance

What is Management Liability Insurance? Management Liability Insurance provides protection against alleged or actual wrongdoing by the Company, Directors, Owners and Officers. Who does it Read more

Cyber Liability Insurance

What is Cyber Liability Insurance? Cyber liability insurance is a product used to protect businesses and individual users from Internet-based risks, and more generally from Read more

Mobile Plant & Machinery Insurance

Mobile Plant & Machinery Insurance Policies Machinery and equipment insurance policies provide protection for most types of plant and equipment in the earthmoving, construction, crane, Read more

Trades & Services Insurance

Trades Pack Insurance covers you for: Liability InsuranceLiability Insurance is designed to protect your business against liability claims resulting from accidents or injuries that occur Read more

Business & Office Insurance

Business Insurance packages offer an ideal risk management strategy providing a wide range of protection for your business under one policy. We can assist you Read more

Commercial Motor Insurance

If transport forms any part of your business, accidents, damage or theft can stop your people or products in their tracks, costing you time and Read more