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Management Liability Insurance

What is Management Liability Insurance?

Management Liability Insurance provides protection against alleged or actual wrongdoing by the Company, Directors, Owners and Officers.

Who does it cover?

  • Directors & Officers – Past, present and future Directors & Officers for alleged wrongful acts
  • Company (If directors are the owners of the company) – Protects the company against actions relating to Management issues
  • Trustees Liability – Protects the Company, Directors, Officers and employees for alleged wrongdoings (ie. mis-management of a Superannuation Fund)
  • Employment Practices – Protects the Company, Directors, Officers and Employees for claims arising from bullying, unfair dismissal and discrimination
  • Crime Cover – Protects against dishonest acts such as theft or fraud by employees, contractors and consultants
  • Statutory Liability – Fines and Penalties relating to occupational health & safety, EPA and civil penalties

What cover does it provide?

  • Damages awared against you
  • Legal Costs
  • Investigation Costs
  • Civil Fines & Penalties

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