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Beware of winter – the season for house fires

Last year 144 house fires occurred in Logan, most of them during the winter months according to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service. In the first four months of 2018 there were 35 house fires in Logan and 485 state-wide.

The kitchen is where almost half of all house fires start. The usual problem is when cooking oil, left on the stove, overheats and reaches flashpoint. A major fire can start in a matter of seconds and they can’t be extinguished with water!

Prevention is simple – never leave frying food unattended, keep the area around your stove clear of any flammable items – and have a fire blanket handy… just in case.

Another increasingly common cause of fires in winter is overheated battery chargers and items such as laptops left to charge on beds or cushions where the heat generated from charging can’t escape.

Electric blankets can also pose problems as people tend to roll them up and store them during summer. As they’re folded and unfolded the coils split and lose their protective insulation, creating a fire hazard.

Heaters of all types can also pose a risk as they collect dust particles when stored which become fuel for fire when turned on. Before putting them into use this winter season, make sure they are clean and always keep them clear of flammable items such as curtains, cushions and newspapers when in use.

It’s always a good idea to test that you have working photo-electric smoke alarms.

Testing is simple, press the button on the cover and the alarm should activate. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to replace the battery, and even better still, the alarm too.

For details on the fire alarm you should have fitted to your house go to:


It may just save your home and your life!

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