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Distraction a leading cause of crashes

10 December 2018

Most types of road accident are increasing, with driver distraction largely to blame, according to AAMI’s annual crash index.

People taking their eyes off the road or trying to “multi-task” are the most common causes of accidents, the insurer says.

The NT had the dubious distinction of recording the highest proportion of collisions with a stationary object last financial year, at 31% of accidents.

Tasmania was next on 29%, with SA at 24%. Nationally, 18% of all crashes involved a stationary object, down on previous years. Collisions with animals also declined.

Nose-to-tail collisions were the most common accidents, accounting for 31% of the total.

Victoria had the highest percentage at 33%. Rear-ending commonly occurs in highly congested areas in peak-hour traffic. The national average was 31%.

AAMI analyzed more than 360,000 accidents last financial year.

About 26% of car accidents in NSW were caused by drivers failing to give way to other road users, the highest in the country. Victoria was second at 25% and the national average was 23%. The index links this behavior to impatient driving and lapses in judgment.

About 12% of collisions happened while reversing, 8% of crashes involved a parked car and 6% an animal.

Some 16% of all accidents were on Fridays, the most common day of the week for crashes

Source: InsuranceNEWS.com.au

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