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Australian Businesses Suffering in the Wake of Cyclone Debbie

Hitting Australia’s Eastern Coast at the end of March, Cyclone Debbie ripped roofs from houses, destroyed power lines, knocked trees onto major roads and flooded houses, gardens and roads across Queensland and New South Wales.  While emergency workers were quick to respond, the cyclone caused severe damage, and was declared a “catastrophe” on the 28th of March by the Insurance Council of Australia.

The full extent of the damage is yet to be seen, and thousands of claims are still expected to be lodged with insurance companies in the coming weeks.  Less than a week after the catastrophe, the Insurance Council of Australia reported that 19,600 claims had already been lodged, amounting to $224 million.

Spokesman for the Insurance Council, Campbell Fuller stated “Claims are flowing in from many, many places – all the way from Bowen and the Proserpine region through to the Gold Coast.”  He continued that most of the damage was caused by ‘wind-driven rain’, and that many properties that look relatively untouched from the outside have suffered significant damage to the interior.

The clean up operation continues, with many home and business owners left to rebuild, repair or replace their property.  Property damage claims, such as replacing broken tiles, smashed windows and ruined carpets, are the most common claims incurred as a result of wild weather.  Protecting your business property against the destructive effects caused by the forces of nature is essential.  A Property Insurance policy can protect your assets and minimise the financial impact on your business in these circumstances.  Property Insurance can cover many property types, as well as valuable business assets such.

While Property Insurance may help with costs incurred as a result of severe weather conditions, it’s important to get back on your feet as quickly as possible.  As part of the PSC Connect Network, clients have access to Johns Lyng Emergency Response, an organisation that offers urgent property repairs and services to mitigate further damage.  The services that they can offer include Emergency Plumbing & Electrical Works, Temporary Fencing, Glass Shuttering and Replacement, Protective Tarping, Demolition and Removal of Debris, Tree Removal, Carpet Restoration, Heater Extraction and Drying, and Emergency Fire Clean.

We can recommend the most appropriate cover to fully protect your business and assets. Speak to us for more information on Property Insurance, or our Johns Lyng Emergency Response offering.

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