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10 May, 2017

What Is The Role of an Insurance Broker?

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What is the role of an insurance broker? Insurance brokers are professional advisers who work on behalf of their clients. They help clients identify their exposures and risks by understanding their business, to determine what needs insuring and what can be managed in other ways. Insurance brokers may specialise in Read more

28 Apr, 2017

The Broker Advantage

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These days there are many different ways to buy insurance, but there are good reasons to consider using an insurance broker’s expertise to help you make the best-informed decisions. Insurance brokers act as your personal advisor on insurance matters. They work for you, not the insurance company, to make sure Read more

28 Apr, 2017

Business Insurance Checklist

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Compulsory PoliciesCovers for Workers Compensation InsuranceClaims from the death, injury or illness of Employees arising from their employment. Includes legal costs. Essential PoliciesCovers for Fire and perilsDamage to buildings or contents by fire, lightning, explosion, malicious damage, earthquakes and storm. Some policies don’t cover flood. BurglaryTheft involving violent, forcible entry, Read more